“Your Beginning” with Alpha Branding

Alpha Branding LLC. serves as a launching pad for entrepreneurs. Co-founded by Sean and Natasha Player, the couple designed the company with the small business owner in mind. “I’ve always had a passion for entrepreneurship”, said Sean. 

“I remember as a teenager I wanted to get a job so that I could have my own money but the grocery store in which I was applying turned me down because I was only 14 years old at the time.” From that moment on, Sean decided he wanted to work for himself.

“Entrepreneurship is your birthright.”- Sean Player

Because of the professional experience and business development the couple poses, they’ve always been a magnet for those wanting to start a business. “In some way or another, people always have seemed to find us to pick our brains so to speak; whenever they wanted to launch something new,” said Natasha. “Be it a career change or an idea they wanted to take a chance on, people naturally navigated towards us,” she continued. 

It wasn’t long before the couple realized their gifting was in helping others flourish. The Players always encouraged others to go after their dreams and even assisted many along their entrepreneurial journey. Seeing this, Sean decided that formalizing what the couple had been doing all along would work in their best interest. Natasha soon saw the same value in creating an entity they both could lead and in turn help others.

Alpha Branding LLC. was born. Alpha Branding is dedicated to upbuilding and empowering the entrepreneur with the necessary tools to succeed. It provides a variety of products and services to prepare the individual for his or her business journey. The branding company provides 

  • Website design
  • Flyers/ Mock-ups
  • Consultations 
  • Public Speaking/Interview tips
  • Editing services and more.

The company’s slogan is simply: your beginning … hence the name “Alpha”. The couple hopes to empower hundreds of aspiring small business owners along the way. “We’ve been blessed to be a blessing,” said Natasha. What better way to experience time freedom than a family business.